Ciacio is not a simple bunny: he is a funny mix between bear and rabbit…a "bearbit”!
He was my childhood favourite puppet and I have always brought him in my travels (even now!). I also created a photo blog of Ciacio on trip.

Inspiring to him I invented the protagonist for a picture books series, published with Lavieri.

Then, encouraged by books' luck, I created a children room decor's line dedicated to Ciacio: wooden letters, tote bags, nursery prints, ...

Ciacio books

All the books with Ciacio character. Follow the "bearbit”!

Ciacio illustrations prints

Signed prints from Ciacio's books, for sale on Etsy

Ciacio Alphabet

Alphabet letters' illustration

Wooden letters

Handmade letters for Nursery decor

Original paintings

Colored pencils on wood for Children room decor